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Whether for the beauty and aesthetics of a well kept and trimmed tree or for the sheer safety of trimming off broken or dead limbs we have you covered. Our Trimming crew can come assess the situation and work with you on a plan to achieve your goals and keep the trees health in mind. 

Emergency Service

Storms can cause all sorts of damage to trees and result in damage to property. If an ice, snow, wind or thunderstorm rolls through and causes damage to your surrounding trees in a way that you need immediate assistance, give us a call! We can help.


We have the equipment required to grind stumps below ground level. When removing a tree we can do the job all the way and back fill with top soil so that in just a short while it will be like the tree was never there.

Shrubs and Hedges

Do you have large shrubs, hedges or bushes that tend to get out of control if not trimmed back? We can help get them into shape for you to make summertime maintenance much easier.


Whether you are clearing a piece of property for a new build or lawn or just have a tree that needs to go, we can do the job for you. We have the equipment needed to safely and efficiently take down the largest trees around and have the experience to do the job right. In the city these jobs can be incredibly dangerous to people and property so knowing how to do it is key and having the right insurance is a must.

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